Maybe at some point in the future I’ll reveal myself. Tell the world who I am. For now, though, I’m happier being a bit more anonymous. So don’t go expecting massive amounts of detail about my life. I’ll give you whatever info is relevant when it’s needed though.

That said, I should probably explain where I am in life. Just a bit of a rundown, a starting point if you like.


I didn’t do that well at school. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart, it was that I just couldn’t really be bothered. I couldn’t really see the point. My report cards from the time were full of ‘must try harder’ and ‘needs to apply himself more’. So I ended up finishing school at the age of 16 with a bunch of pretty mediocre exam results and went out into the world of work. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself and my career at the time. I still don’t.

Early Career

I’ll be honest here: ‘Career’ is talking things up a bit. Not having much idea of what I wanted to do meant I had no real career aspirations. So what happened after school was I drifted aimlessly from one job to another. I worked on a building site. I waited tables. I washed cars. I worked in a hotel for a while. That sort of thing.

Later Career

This is a bit more like it. After a lot of messing around in my early years, I finally decided I’d had enough and wanted a proper job with proper pay. So I went on a training course and found myself working in IT, down in London. It was a ‘good’ job in the sense that it had reasonable pay and a company car, but I wasn’t really happy with it. The commute made me miserable and the work was stressful and unfulfilling. So eventually, I left and got a job working in a hotel again. That led to another hotel job which then led to a random chat with the finance manager there, which then led to a job in the accounts department. I’ve been working in accounts ever since.


At the time of writing, I’m unemployed. A move to another part of the country meant leaving my old job, and I decided to take the chance on setting up my own accounting and bookkeeping practice. Without going into details, it’s not going well. Getting new clients is proving a bit more of a problem than I’d been expecting. More importantly, I’m not really sure this is what I want any more. More on that later.

So who am I?

So to summarise, then: I’ve never really known what I want to do with my life and so I’ve spent the last few years bouncing around from one job to another, really just going where fate takes me. I want to change this, I want some direction in my life. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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