So, just a little update on the job interviews I had this week.

Interview 1

Was at the janitorial supplies place. That was the one I really didn’t like. Well, the recruiter phoned me back yesterday with some feedback. Apparently they really liked me. That surprised me, I got the impression they didn’t – or at least, the boss guy didn’t. So there’s three possibilities there:

  1.  I completely misread him, he’s a nice guy once you get through the gruff exterior
  2. He was being deliberately unfriendly for the purpose of the interview (why??)
  3. He’ really was just a dick.

To be honest, I suspect option 3. Some people are just like that.

But anyway, that doesn’t matter. Because they didn’t offer me the job. While they were quite happy with me and my skills (of course!), they had a couple of other people with more experience with the industry than I did. I honestly can’t argue with that – although I know my stuff when it comes to finance in general, there are a few bits of industry specific knowledge and experience that I do lack. So, fair enough.

I’m really not that upset anyway – had I been offered the job I wouldn’t have taken it. So it all worked out alright in the end – I got a little bit of interview experience and I got to see how bad and how dull things could be, and I didn’t have to turn the job down.

Interview 2

Was the book publisher. I had a call back today from their recruiter, and the feedback from them was also good. On this occasion, it was good enough that they’ve shortlisted me for a second interview. Go me!

There’s a catch though – isn’t there always? The interview isn’t for another week and a half, which puts me in a tricky situation. I think depending on how things go with the second interview, I’m interested in the job enough to accept it should they make an offer. But that offer could be two weeks or more away. That’s two weeks where I can’t really promote my business – what if I land a client? If someone comes to me in the next couple of weeks wanting me to be their accountant, I’m going to have to put them off – if I get the job I’ll have to end the relationship with them. That could get messy and it’s something I’d rather avoid.

On the other hand, I don’t want to sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for a job offer that may well never materialise. So, what to do? This is going to require a lot of thought.

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