I stand at a crossroads today.

Well, actually yesterday. No, the day before too. But that line above sounds wonderfully dramatic, doesn’t it?

Take a job and play it safe?

So a week or two ago I applied for a couple of jobs. Nothing fancy, just a couple of part time gigs that would bring in some steady money while I got my other business on its feet. Those applications went nowhere, not even an interview (which I was a bit miffed about. I figured I was a perfect match for both jobs, at least good enough for an interview shortlist). But evidently my CV (résumé to you guys in the US) has got around a bit, and I’ve now got two interviews for jobs I hadn’t even applied for. Which is nice.

Or work on my business?

The problem is, these are both for full time jobs. They’re basically versions of the job I left last year, and I swore at the time I wouldn’t go back to employment like that. Taking on either of these jobs would mean my dream of self employment would be at least on hold for a while.

It’s very tempting to turn these interviews down. Take the risk. Be interesting. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and research over the last few days and have a few plans to get my business up and running, get some money flowing in at last. But money’s a problem. As much as I like being my own boss, I also really like things like ‘eating’ and ‘living in a house’, which my current gig just isn’t able to provide. Money is running out. The fact that one of the interviews I’ve got is for a job that pays about £10k a year more than I was on before. It’s a good job and good money.

So there’s the crossroads, then.

making a choice, standing at the crossroads

Do I take the safe path and go back into employment, at least for now? It’s not what I want, but it will allow me to raise enough funds to cover myself for another go next year. There’s also no reason I can’t push myself to do some other things as a side gig while I work elsewhere.

Or do I take the interesting path, stick to my guns and work on getting my business profitable?

Of course, this is all dependent on me actually getting a job offer. If I don’t this is kind of a moot point.

I’ll have a think about it, go to the interviews and see how I feel.


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