(I know it’s the 6th April already, but I’ve been busy!)

So, new month, new goals!

Last month went OK with the goals, nothing fancy. I didn’t really set that much – I’m only just getting started here and getting into the swing of things. But now I have a slightly better idea of what I’m doing, there’s no reason why I can’t stretch myself a little.

April Goals

This blog

Now I have a slightly better idea of what I want to do with this blog, I need to start tidying things up a little. The front page is a mess, the categories are all over the place and most of what’s on here at the moment is just me rambling. So it’s time to get it straight and to the point where I’m not embarrassed to have people visiting.

It’s hard to quantify that, but some targets (that I just pulled out of the air):

  • Design a front page that actually makes some sense
  • Sort out the categories and menus
  • Write eight decent quality blog posts
  • Come up with a logo for the site
  • Set up a mailing list subscription
  • Write a decent ‘about’ page

I think that’s enough to keep me going for the month!

My other site

Yes, I’ve started a new site. I think there’s a niche out there based around the gig economy and people working for themselves as freelancers etc. I think I have a fair bit to offer to that market and there’s plenty of business opportunities out there. So I’ve now started ditchyourboss.co.uk to cater to that. So:

  • Build out the site to a reasonable level, ready for posting to and building an audience
  • Put together a plan to monetize the site (I’m thinking a mix of affiliate marketing and training courses)

Social Media


All I’m doing with social media at the moment is Twitter and Medium – I’m not sure if Medium really counts as social media but I’m going to include it here for now anyway. At the moment, everything needs to be about audience building on both platforms.


  • Increase Twitter followers to 200
  • Post at least one thing (other than blog posts on here) on Twitter every day
  • Increase Medium followers to 500
  • Post stories on Medium 5 times each week

The follower counts are fairly lofty goals and are going to take some work, but they’re definitely achievable. I got to 63 Twitter followers in the first month without even really trying that hard, after all. So why not stretch myself a little?

Posting once a day on Twitter is stupidly easy, but there’s a reason I wanted to put that there. Twitter isn’t really a habit for me at the moment, and I want to make it one.
I think the best way to develop a habit is to start slow. Just one a day, say first thing in the morning. If I decide to do more, great. But I don’t want to burden myself with a large daily target to start with.

Posting on Medium every day is going to be a little more challenging, but not that much. Again, it’s about habit forming. Beyond that, a regular posting schedule is a good way to increase followers.


piggy bank

This is becoming important now; funds are running low.

I don’t want a job, though: I like, love, the idea of building an online business and making money working from home. I’m going to keep pushing the accounts business, but I have a few other plans that I want to get going. So:

  • Medium: £5 It’s possible to earn money from locked posts on Medium. Seeing as how I’m writing on there anyway, it’s worth me locking some posts (say one a week) and seeing if I can make any earnings on there from that.
  • eBay: £300 I’ve got a few bits and pieces kicking around that I need to get rid of. If that works out well I’ll see if that’s a path I want to go down, ie getting into selling properly.
  • Upwork/Fiverr etc: £500 I’ve been plying my trade on the freelancer sites for a couple of months now, with no success. So time to change my offerings and see if I can bag some work in other areas, such as writing or admin work. I’d be interested to see if I can earn anything as a writer.
  • Bookkeeping Business: £500 I need to start pushing that hard now. It’s not where my passion really lies but it’s where my skills lie. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Total: £1305

That’s not a lot. In fact that the bare minimum I need to not have to rely on my credit card. But I’ll be very excited if I can earn anything from my writing! More importantly, it’s about establishing revenue streams at the moment. If I can find something that works for me, I can double down on it and hopefully increase my earnings month on month. We all have to start somewhere!


That’s enough for now, that alone should make for a busy month! No ‘do something interesting’ stuff for now; I want to position myself so I have the money and the freedom to live that life. That means getting my head down and getting on for a while.



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