A week has gone by since my last post. How did that happen?


Well, I suspect a mix of perfectionism, procrastination and a lack of direction. Allow me to explain.


As I mentioned in the first post on here, I wasn’t sure when I set this site up what it would be about, or where it would be going.  Then I wrote the second post, then came up with a whole bunch of ideas for new post topics. I even made a start on a couple of them. At time of writing I’ve got six different posts, all in draft stage. A couple of them almost complete, others are just titles with a vague outline sentence. Then I read the more or less completed ones back and didn’t like them. They’re definitely not ready for publishing, in my opinion. So there’s the perfectionism.

So what have I done with these posts? Have I edited them, worked on them, worked out what’s wrong and fixed it? Well… no. I’ve just kind of done nothing with them, I’ve just ignored them for the last week. So, procrastination.

And the lack of direction? Well, this is something I struggle with. I’m not lazy. If I had a boss giving me a whole bunch of projects to do, I’d get on and do them. No problem. But here I don’t have that. I don’t have a direction for this blog yet, neither do I have a compelling reason for posting on it, beyond ‘I want to’. So I keep looking at the post ideas I have and wondering if that’s the direction I want to go in. A couple of times I’ve considered just abandoning the whole site as a bad idea. This isn’t my first ever website and it wouldn’t be the first one I ever abandoned.

Inspirational Landscape Picture

Apparently it’s a good idea to put images in posts. I can’t find one that’s really relevant so here’s a nice inspirational landscape picture. Nice isn’t it?

But, no. Reading back on my first post, I seem to have already forgotten the very first tenet: Just do something. This blog might well end up being an awful mess and I might well end up abandoning it in the future. But not yet. I’m going to stay the course on this one, rather than giving up before I’ve even tried.


So what have I learned? Well, nothing really. Only that I really need to learn to just get on and do stuff, rather than worrying about how good or relevant it may or may not be.

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