So as I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m at a bit of a crossroads at the moment.  Do I work on my business, or do I go back into employment? Well, I had two job interviews this week. Let’s talk about them!

The first interview


Was rubbish. For starters, the job itself wasn’t that interesting, just a company accountant role. I prefer to mix my work up with some other things and take an active role in a company rather than just sitting in an office crunching numbers, so I was already dubious about this one. The industry didn’t help either – the company sells janitorial supplies. Nothing I can really get passionate about!

So I went to the interview anyway, already with a feeling I wasn’t really going to like this. I quickly found the place, a very nondescript warehouse and office on a dull industrial estate. This is the exact opposite of ‘interesting’ already!

The interview went ahead, with a finance guy and the boss of the company. The finance guy was alright, but I really didn’t get on with the boss at all. Frankly, he came across as a bit of a dick.

Without going into any more detail, I’m not really interested in that job. I don’t think he liked me anyway, but even if I did get a job offer I’d turn it down. The money would be nice, but the idea of sitting in a dull office in a dull industrial park crunching numbers for an asshole boss for a company I really don’t care about? Life’s way too short and I’ve already spent too much of my life in jobs like that. So, no. Still, it was worth going, even if only to make me realise how bad things can be.

The second interview

This one went a lot better, I think. The job is more interesting to start with – it’s more operational and more hands on, which I greatly prefer. The interview went well, the people there were a lot friendlier (I think you can tell a lot about a company by the way they conduct their interviews) and I just got a better feel for the company.

The industry in question isn’t something I’m that interested in either (children’s books) but it’s something that I can see people could be passionate about (sorry, but if anyone gets passionate about, or even interested in, janitorial supplies other than what’s needed to do their job, then they must be a very dull person indeed!). So, maybe that’s a place I can see myself working.

If they like me there’s still a second interview stage with the company MD, and he could turn out to be a dick as well. But if I get to second interview stage and he’s not awful, then maybe I’d take the job if it was offered.

In conclusion

The awfulness of the first place really did make me wonder if I was doing the right thing, almost to the point of canceling the second interview. The second one did restore my faith a little, but the whole experience has brought home how much I don’t want to work like this any more. Maybe I just need to double down on my own business, pick up a couple of side gigs, stack shelves in a supermarket if I have to, whatever it takes to get things going.

I’ll post again once I hear anything about the jobs.


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